A List of All of Our Videos

1.       Xoe’s Place  https://youtu.be/Qr05RVVctZo

2.       Xoe’s Place, Xoe Skating and Reciting the ABC’s  https://youtu.be/FlZnObYZ8wo

3.       Xoe’s Place, Strawberries, Blueberries, and Grapefruit, Oh My!  https://youtu.be/fzw4Q8JdveI

4.       Xoe’s Place, Xoe Practices Teaching Sight Words  https://youtu.be/olVR8VZJzyg

5.       Xoe’s Place, Xoe wants to sleep in 10 more minutes  https://youtu.be/Zk9cfZV8yHg

6.       Xoe’s Place, Playing with the Puppy  https://youtu.be/Fr6w5Se11dw

7.       Xoe’s Place, Xoe Giving Bailey & Gracie Snacks  https://youtu.be/twheqOVihk8

8.       How to fix a keyboard that won’t type in Windows 10  https://youtu.be/0kui7apfnbk

9.       Xoe’s Place, Capoeira Class  https://youtu.be/MQpBHP69VCQ

10.   Xoe’s Place, Capoeira the Basic Form  https://youtu.be/w4kvhhkS16s

11.   Xoe’s Place, Capoeira Lesson  https://youtu.be/L22TfGQz7DM

12.   Xoe’s Place, Xoe’s Karate Class  https://youtu.be/zXZ27VT-1iU

13.   Xoe’s Place, 1st Karate Class Video #2  https://youtu.be/-P1Cd04VFdU

14.   How to Make a Magic Knot for Crochet and Knitting  https://youtu.be/XHTXLNcQiVk

15.   Xoe’s Place LOL Doll Toy Review FAIL  https://youtu.be/UwYnCfQcbb8

16.   Bay Area Kids Activities – Introduction  https://youtu.be/3bfV7yWt_QM

17.   Xoe’s Place, Homeschool Summer School, 2nd Grade, Book Review  https://youtu.be/2VP0EGel9m8

18.   Bay Area Kids Activities – Indoor Activities  https://youtu.be/106vJgh75EY

19.   Sight Words for Kindergarten #1, Words 1-10  https://youtu.be/OS2OzEUf3wc

20.   Kindergarten Sight Words #1, 1-10, Repeats 3 Times  https://youtu.be/6W13i3Vmijc

21.   Sight Words for Kindergarten #2, Words 11-20  https://youtu.be/m70lwxMLZaM

22.   Kindergarten Sight Words #2, 11-20, Repeats 3 Times  https://youtu.be/iW9Lm36_sGs

23.   Bay Area Kids Activities – Xoe & Me, Blog  https://youtu.be/soJJeosfNPo

24.   Sight Words for Kindergarten #3, Words 21-30  https://youtu.be/TwjBXLDAQ-w

25.   Kindergarten Sight Words #3, 21-30, Repeats 3 Times  https://youtu.be/bqqG8d3h7xY

26.   Sight Words for Kindergarten #4, Words 31-40  https://youtu.be/Uo1gfUTh2zQ

27.   Kindergarten Sight Words #4, 31-40, Repeats 3 Times  https://youtu.be/9tRDG0Nv4rw

28.   Sight Words for Kindergarten #5, Words 41-50  https://youtu.be/z5di6YW3Q3k

29.   Kindergarten Sight Words #5, 41-50, Repeats 3 Times  https://youtu.be/7XZDUQZPfOg

30.   Sight Words for Kindergarten #6, Words 51-60  https://youtu.be/eX_EjzP7sC0

31.   Kindergarten Sight Words #6, 51-60, Repeats 3 Times  https://youtu.be/BIa9WOHds8k

32.   Sight Words for Kindergarten #7, Words 61-70  https://youtu.be/5K3N4S0oiss

33.   Kindergarten Sight Words #7, 61-70, Repeats 3 Times  https://youtu.be/eoK7DlCTg_U

34.   Sight Words for Kindergarten #8, Words 71-80  https://youtu.be/zST8fDDJb5A

35.   Kindergarten Sight Words #8, 71-80, Repeats 3 Times  https://youtu.be/w2p1LnzGA4Y

36.   Xoe’s Place, Xoe Makes Snow Cones, Part 1  https://youtu.be/hYe6YOhhDwI

37.   Xoe’s Place, Xoe Makes Snow Cones Part 2  https://youtu.be/eOn4nEuXquM

38.   How to Fix a Monitor When the Screen Rotates or Flips  https://youtu.be/RJIvRDdzK5w

39.   Sight Words for Kindergarten #9, Words 81-90  https://youtu.be/t9ZEp7Ng0Ws

40.   Kindergarten Sight Words #9, 81-90, Repeats 3 Times  https://youtu.be/b4dgcpAZQHg

41.   Sight Words for Kindergarten #10, Words 91-101  https://youtu.be/08FWcx4TIQM

42.   Kindergarten Sight Words #10, 91-101, Repeats 3 Times https://youtu.be/_A1mf9Q_GRk

43.   Kindergarten Sight Words. Videos 1-10. Complete Set of 101 Sight Words  https://youtu.be/jTJPfIDI2Ao

44.  Xoe’s Place, Xoe’s 1st Gaming Video – Roblox  https://youtu.be/zLTRwrRPN6A

45. Xoe’s Place, Gaming Video – Roblox  https://youtu.be/eSy7uAKWG0M





Xoe Makes Snow Cones

Xoe is 7 years old here, it’s June 25, 2017, and Xoe is teaching us how to make snow cones in these videos, Xoe Makes Snowcones Part 1 & Xoe Makes Snowcones Part 2

A couple of great little video short of Xoe, making a tutorial video.  She loves making videos for youtube, and she loves having lots of subscribers, so remember to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE to Xoe’s Place YouTube Channel.



Sight Words for Kindergarten

Xoe has started a video series of her teaching sight words.  So far we have Videos #1-8 done with sight words 1-80.

I got a template for the sight words at Education.com, and then I glued them to 3×5 index cards, you can print your own cards at Education.com and follow along at home if you like.

There are 10 videos in the series, and so far we have published the first eight  The rest will be available over the next couple of days.

The Videos repeat 3 times to help your child retain the material presented.

Sight Words Video #1 Kindergarten Sight Words, #1, 1-10, Repeats 3 Times

Sight Words Video #2 Kindergarten Sight Words #2, 11-20, Repeats 3 Times

Sight Words Video #3 Kindergarten Sight Words #3, 21-30, Repeats 3 Times

Sight Words Video #4 Kindergarten Sight Words #4, 31-40, Repeats 3 Times

Sight Words Video #5 Kindergarten Sight Words #5, 41-50, Repeats 3 Times

Sight Words Video #6 Kindergarten Sight Words #6, 51-60, Repeats 3 Times

Sight Words Video #7 Kindergarten Sight Words #7, 61-70, Repeats 3 Times

Sight Words Video #8 Kindergarten Sight Words #8, 71-80, Repeats 3 Times

Sight Words Video #9  Kindergarten Sight Words #9, 81-90, Repeats 3 Times

Sight Words Video #10  Kindergarten Sight Words #10, 91-101, Repeats 3 Times

Sight Words Video Complete 10 Video Set, Repeats 3 Times




Wow, things have changed a lot since my last post

Xoe is 7 years old now, we still live in Richmond, CA, and she still goes to the same school.

What’s changed is we started a YouTube channel where we make videos and post them to YouTube.  YouTube pays you for advertising on your videos, so we make money when someone watches our videos, so by all means, please visit our YouTube channel.

Our videos start off with just regular home video clips, but our YouTube channel is evolving so now we have videos of Xoe teaching sight words to K-3rd grade, and the kids love learning from another kid.  Lots of my friend’s grandchildren and children watch the sight words series.

Board games, we teach sportsmanship while playing board games.  We have fun and our audience learns how to play a board game.

Xoe does toy reviews, she loves reviewing toys.

Remember to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE, drop us a line and we will get back with you, I hope you enjoy.



Wow, it’s been a long time since my last post

So many things have happened since November 2013, Xoe graduated from Kindergarten, she’s in the 1st grade now.  She has grown so much, I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow.

We moved to a different apartment in Richmond, we are doing well here, but it’s not the best neighborhood.

I started college, then I just got too busy with school work I wasn’t able to do anything I wanted to do, so I decided to stop taking classes and resume and finish next year, or the year after.  There’s no great rush for me to finish, I have 5 classes left to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree.

Xoe is 6 now, she’s at a great age, I can have a real conversation with her, but she still has a bit of a baby voice, she is so sweet, too.  She tells me she loves me every day, and gives me a big kiss.  I am so lucky to have her in my life.

Xoe is having a tea party now for her stuffed animals, it’s 8pm and it’s been a long day.  She had friends over and they played for hours.

Well, I’ll make this post short, and start posting again on a regular basis now that I have more free time.


11/17/2013 About Time To Wear Makeup Again

I woke up this morning and had no internet, no phone. I was going to go online and check my facebook, emails, and read my textbook, but I can’t because the house network is turned off, and it’s in Ray and Liz’s room and they aren’t there. I will have to wait for them to show up.
One thing I have been wanting to do is wear some makeup. I haven’t worn makeup for maybe 15 years now. I got tired of putting it on everyday so I just quit wearing it altogether. Over the last year, I have bought myself new make-up at Lancome. Each month I would get a mascara or an eye shadow, and this month, I completed my collection and can wear it. Lancome is fairly expensive and there is no way I could buy a complete set of make-up from them at one time.
I saved the foundation for last because I wanted to make sure it matched my skin tone. I went to Macy’s Lancome counter and had them match my face color to a foundation and powder. It’s the best match I have ever had, it looks like my own skin. I have never had a better match in my life.
Over the year as I have been buying my makeups from Lancome-usa.com they have been sending me free samples. I have enough cleanser and toner to last me another year. I have sample eye creams, face creams, and body lotions. They have sent me enough mascara so that I may never have to buy mascara again, and other various makes ups and eye shadows, even some eye shadow brushes. I really love shopping at Lancome-usa.com. If you are going to shop at Lancome, visit retailmenot.com for a coupon code first, and get free shipping, even more samples, and sometimes money off.
I’ll post a picture if I decide to do that today.
I need to take a shower before I put on my make-up, but let me tell you, just because I get up at 6am doesn’t make me a morning person. I like to sit and have loads of coffee before I do anything. I love my coffee it’s part of my morning ritual. Drink coffee, go online and check my Facebook, and take a shower.
Well, I just finished a cup of coffee and have decided to go take my shower while Xoe is sleeping. I’ll be back in a minute…. Well that felt good, I love taking a nice hot shower alone. I like taking a shower with Xoe too, don’t get me wrong, I just can’t turn the heat up with her in the shower.
I am going to do my makeup tomorrow. I was thinking while I was in the shower that if I do it while Xoe is awake she’s going to want to play with my makeup and it’s really too expensive to play with. I’ll buy her some makeup at the dollar store so she can play make up with me tomorrow.


11/15/2013 I am going to a University to Earn My Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies, then off to Law School

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I just started back in college and I have been super busy.

It’s week 2 of my classes and I am doing well. I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the younger students but I am holdng my own, as a mater of fact, the last two tests I have taken I have made 100% on both of them.

I am pretty proud of myself for going back and earning my Bachelors and doing well at it.

My ultimate goal is to be an attorney, that’s a long term goal and it’s going to be a hard road ahead but I think I can do it.

Well, I am going back to my studies, I will start posting soon. I just need to get back into the swing of things and get a good schedule going so that I have time to post.

Me and Xoe have been going to 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom a lot, we love it there and have season passes, so it’s really affordable.