07/15/2013 Waiting For My Security Deposit Refund To Clear

Today, Xoe wants to get her ears pierced.  Nana has pierced ears so Xoe wants them too so she can wear some of Nana’s jewelry.  Xoe is in love with her Nana and wants to be just like her.  I think I will take Xoe to get her ears pierced on the 1st when I get paid.  I spent more on my trip out here than I anticipated and now I am a little short on cash.  Lucky for me, my security deposit refund was here when I arrived, that was fast, it took less than 6 days to receive, so now I’ll have some spare cash for gas.

I need gas to get to the VA clinic in Oakland.  I am not sure if that’s going to be the VA clinic I am assigned to because there are several VA clinics in the area, and a main hospital in The City.  People from the San Francisco area call San Francisco The City, and that’s a way to tell who is from the area and who is on vacation.  You’ll never hear someone who is from the San Francisco area call it anything but The City.

I mailed the security deposit refund to the bank on Thursday and it’s Monday so I think the check has arrived at the bank.  It would clear much faster if I used a local bank, but I like my bank.  I bank at Capital One Online Banking and the only downside to it is when I have to mail in a deposit.  The deposit arrives at the bank, gets sorted and then deposited.  It takes a day or two for a deposit to process so it may not be today when my deposit clears.

I hope the deposit clears today though because I need that money to get to the VA clinic to refill my prescriptions.  The great thing about the VA is no matter where I go, I can get my prescriptions filled and renewed easily.  The VA has a website, MyHealthEVet, for veterans so that we can order our prescriptions online and chat with our doctors when necessary.  I love the VA health system and feel lucky to be a part of it.  I have to go to the clinic before I can renew my prescriptions here to update my MyHealthEVet account with my new California address.

Today, we aren’t doing a whole lot of anything.  I don’t have the gas to go anywhere till my check clears, so we are staying home playing on the internet.  Xoe is watching YouTube videos of ear piercing. I decided to show her what to expect when she gets her ears pierced.  She still wants them pierced so we will get that done on the 1st, and I will take video of her getting her ears pierced and post it here on the blog.


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