07/16/2013 My Security Deposit Refund Arrived Today

My security deposit refund arrived today, so did a debit for something I completely forgot about so I am broke again till the 1st.  At least I have enough money to send Xoe to swim lessons, which is what I needed that money for, that and gas to get to me to the VA clinic so that I can refill my prescriptions.  The swim lessons cost $75 and I have $88 in the bank, I am barely going to make it this month.

I hate it when I forget about a charge that’s going to come off of my account.  I am on a fixed income and I only get paid once a month so these kinds of charges can really mess me up financially.  I keep a tight budget but forgot completely about this bill.  I wrote myself a budget and had it bound into book form and it really helps me keep track of all of my bills. I forgot to mark this debit on my budget because I was travelling across country when it came in and I mailed my budget to California so it didn’t even cross my mind.  If it doesn’t go in my budget, it usually doesn’t get paid.  This was an automatic debit so it got paid.

One of the things I was going to do was take Xoe to see my San Francisco friend, Noelene and her great granddaughter this weekend,we were going to have a nice day together, but now I can’t because I don’t have the spare gas and I can’t pay the toll to get into the city.  I just sent her an email, she is a great lady and I know she will understand, but I am still pretty sad about not being able to get together with her this weekend.  We met on Facebook while playing bingo and we formed an instant bond with each-other.  We haven’t met in person yet, so I am doubly sad about this new development.  I guess we will have to wait till I get paid on the 1st before we can meet up.

The reason I am so short on cash is because I went over budget on my trip out here, but the trip was fun!  We drove 6-8 hours each day then stayed in a hotel with a pool and internet.  After a long day on the road, we would check-in to our hotel, go out for dinner, then swim or play on the internet depending on the weather, we did this for 6 days.  Hotels are expensive, I spent almost as much on the hotel as I did on the gas, which was even more expensive.                                             100_4887 a picture of Xoe in the pool in Wyoming

Another reason I am short is because of all of the boxes of clothes and toys I mailed out here.  I mailed 13 boxes of stuff at the US Post Office, it cost $469.00 to mail everything.  Of those 13 boxes of stuff, 8 of the boxes were ripped open and damaged by the post office.  My plastic file boxes were broken, cans were dented, and stuff was missing, I even ended up with someone else’s coffee in one of my boxes.  I didn’t insure the boxes because I didn’t think the post office was going to destroy so much, but they did.  100_5196 one of the eight damaged boxes

Luckily, I am staying with relatives who have been feeding me and Xoe.  I wouldn’t have been able to afford the move out here without them letting me stay with them.  I am staying with grandpa and Nana for about 6 months while I get my feet on the ground and can afford my own place.  California is a lot more expensive than North Carolina, not the food, but pretty much everything else.

As I write this I am actually starting to panic a little bit, haha.  I am almost out of coffee and won’t be able to buy any till the 1st. I am sure grandpa and Nana wouldn’t mind if I drank their coffee, but it’s not going to be as good as my Sumatran coffee.  I am super picky about my coffee and may even have to give coffee up for a while until I can afford my coffee.  Sumatran coffee costs the same as other coffee, it’s just a more bold coffee which I am very fond of.  I have a Keurig coffee maker that I love so much I carried it in the car with me and into the hotels each night on the trip over here.


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