07/16/2013 Books, Shoes, a Lost Phone and a Lazy Day

Yesterday, one of the neighbors across the street brought Xoe about 9 children’s books to read, the ones like Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham, the short story books.  They dropped them off at the front door and when me Nana and Xoe went to walk the dogs we found them.  I thought letting us read these books was so nice of the neighbors.  Nana has already read all of the books to Xoe, grandpa mentioned that to the neighbor and she said she has a lot more books. 🙂

Xoe and I went on a short walk today and she was wearing her yellow shoes.  Be it California or North Carolina, It seems that no matter where we go, people always stop Xoe to tell her how much they like her shoes.  These shoes are bright yellow, with big yellow bows on them.  Xoe loves those shoes and I think it has a lot to do with people commenting on how cute they are.  They are pretty cute, especially when Xoe is wearing all yellow.


Tonight we are having a lazy night, me and Xoe are in our pajamas at 6pm and are watching TV and surfing the internet.  Grandpa and Nana are out on a date, and me and Xoe have the house to ourselves.  I am having such a lazy night, I’m not even wearing a bra.  Tonight we are eating a Tombstone extra cheese pizza, yeah, I am not cooking either, lol.

I’ve managed to lose my telephone, I have no idea where I put it, and I can’t call it to hunt it down because the battery is dead by now.  That’s ok though because I am feeling too lazy to talk on the phone.  Although, I would like to find it so that I can call my friend Noelene.


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