07/17/2013 Meet Hamster

Last year when Xoe was two I bought her a Teddy Bear hamster at Petco which we named Hamster.  I got the hamster as a starter pet.  Since then I have come to love this hamster and it would be a big deal if we lost her.  We will eventually lose her because their average lifespan is only 2-3 years, and we have had this hamster for about a year.  I never thought I would love a little hamster like I love this one.

When we first got Hamster I was kind of afraid of her.  I read that a hamster bite could be fairly painful so Xoe and I never picked her up.  That changed when the neighbor kids from upstairs came down and asked to hold the hamster.  I said sure, but she might bite and cautioned them if she did bite to put her back into her cage gently.   Hamster not only didn’t bite, she also seemed to like being held.  From that point on I started getting attached to Hamster.

The hamster has red hair and is larger than the average hamster, she’s really the size of a very small guinea pig.  She is also about the most mellow hamster I have ever seen, she lets Xoe carry her around, and play with her.  Xoe has taken the hamster for rides in her little shopping cart, wrapped her in a blanket like a baby, and walked around the house with her.  Xoe is very gentle with the hamster, and the hamster is very gentle with Xoe.  Hamsters can bite, but Hamster has never bitten anyone.

Recently, I read an article that said hamsters should not be used as started pets for a couple of reasons, because they could bite younger children who may not know how to handle them properly and they are nocturnal.  Hamster is nocturnal, she sleeps all day and runs on her wheel all night, we keep her in the room that I share with Xoe at grandpa and Nana’s house. The sound of that wheel has never bothered me, but some people find it so annoying they can’t sleep.  With the Hamster sleeping most the day, Xoe doesn’t get to play with her that much.  I have to agree with the article, hamsters really aren’t the best pets for smaller children because the children don’t get a lot of play time with them because they sleep all day, and they could bite.  We got lucky with our hamster, she plays a little during the day and doesn’t bite.  On the other hand, hamsters are perfect for places that don’t allow pets like cats and dogs, and a child could learn a lot about caring for an animal with a hamster. 

Watching Xoe play with the hamster, and having such a sweet hamster, has made me grow very fond of Hamster.  When we moved I had several friends of mine who asked if they could have her.  I had planned from the beginning to take Hamster with us from North Carolina to California and she was great on the trip.  I put her cage in the front passenger seat of the car while we were driving, and brought her into the hotel we were staying in at night.  It was so hot we couldn’t stop anywhere for too long because Hamster would become overheated, we didn’t even stop for meals because of this.

Hamster has been a joy to be around, a great little pet.  I am glad we got Hamster, and consider her to be a part of our family.  The following is a picture of Xoe pushing Hamster around in her shopping cart, and where it says Hamster & Xoe, that’s a video of Xoe with her hamster.  At the time I was thinking I was taking a picture but it was video.

100_4800   Hamster & Xoe


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