07/17/2013 Updating My Record at the VA so I Can Refill My Prescriptions

So I am scheduled to go to the VA clinic in Oakland, CA on the 31st of July, it was the first appointment I could get.  I was not impressed with the VA clinic at all.  It was dingy, and dark, and generally run down.  The guy who updated my account to the new system was nice, he is the one who made my appointment.  Changing over to a new hospital within the VA is very time consuming and difficult because I have updated my name and address with the VA, with the new VA clinic, and the VA Pharmacy in CA.  I can’t go online and use the MyHealthEVet site because apparently it has to be updated too, and the sad part of that is, I was sure I did that today.

IMG_20130717_125010  The man who updated my VA File and got me into the CA system.

I had to refill my prescriptions and my information wasn’t updated yet and I still have no idea who to contact to get MyHealthEVet address updated in the system.  They did give me a 2 week prescription on the 2 medications I could remember I have but now that I am home I see I didn’t get a refill on all of them.  I should have made a note of exactly what I needed, because now I have to go back and get my other prescriptions filled.

Apparently, the VA Pharmacy in Asheville sent out my prescriptions to my address in Asheville on the 12th, and I have no idea how that is going to affect everything. Will it be forwarded or returned?  I have no idea, but I do know I need that medicine.

There was a VA police station located on the bottom floor of the VA clinic, and there were signs everywhere asking vets to treat the employees with respect, and if a vet got loud or unruly they would be taken off the hospital property by the VA police who were everywhere.  I didn’t feel comfortable and relaxed at this VA clinic at all, it had the appeal of the hospital in One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest.  It was stark, and painted in a tan yellow color that made it look even older and more dingy.

1374094484927  The main entrance at the Oakland, CA VA clinic

Some of the employees there were really nice to me, and some were pretty short and abrupt.  I went from the VA hospital in Asheville NC that I thought was one of the best hospitals I have ever been to, to a dung hole clinic in Oakland CA.

download The VA Hospital in Asheville, NC

The day was a bust all around, Xoe projectile vomited in car on the way over, and wet her pants at the VA clinic.  I failed to bring a change of clothes, so she had to walk around with wet pants.                                                               1374089020478  Xoe and her wet pants

I just hope my next appointment goes smoother than what I did today, it took me about 3 hours to get everything done, and it’s still not done.  I am getting a little confused as to what to do next, I guess I will just not worry about that till my appointment on the 31st.  I do have to go in some time this week for a refill on the prescription that I forgot I had to refill, so I guess that’s the next step.

On a brighter note, a veteran came up to Xoe and gave her the movie Despicable Me 2, I didn’t know it was out yet and I kind of got the feeling it was pirated.


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