07/18/2013 My Friend From San Francisco

I met my friend while playing Bingo Ryzing on Facebook. She said something about San Francisco, and I told her I was moving there and we had an instant connection. We have chatted back and forth for about a year and a half now, most of the time she was waiting for me to come to CA. The date of my move kept changing because it was dependent on when I adopted Xoe and when the adoption was final. She waited patiently as the dates would change and I would have to renew my lease.  Xoe’s adoption was final on September 27th, 2012 and my lease was up on July 1st, 2013.  Finally, on July 1st. 2013, I moved to CA and arrived here on July 6th, 2013.

Today is the 18th, and we haven’t had a chance to get together since I moved here 12 days ago, because I was short on cash and had to wait for my security deposit refund to clear the bank. The check finally cleared the bank but so did a debit on my account that used up all my funds. There I was broke again.

My friend and I had made plans to meet this weekend and we were going to have a great day together, she was bringing her great-granddaughter to play with Xoe, and my friend was going to take me to see the city.  I was looking forward to our day out and so was Xoe.  Xoe wanted to meet my friend’s great granddaughter.  The girls are the same age and we have been telling them about each other the whole time me and my friend have known each other.

I wrote to my friend and told her we would have to cancel our plans because I was broke again, and we would have to wait till after the 1st to meet each other.  My friend, the great friend that she is, sent me some money to come and visit her, enough for gas and to pay the tolls into the city.  I am so happy to have such a kind and caring friend, she knew the girls wanted to meet each other and made sure it would happen.

This weekend me and my friend are gong to go on street cars and the train to the wharf and pier 39. I am really looking forward to going out with my friend, who I call mom.  She’s been like a second mom to me and I really do love her.  I feel blessed to know someone so sweet and kind she really is a great person.

My friend loves the diversity of the city and that will surely rub off on me.  I like diversity too, but I have never been around such diverse people in my life.  There are people here from all over the world, if you want to eat food from another country, it’s here. My friend is going to show me the city, and I am looking forward to seeing all the different cultures, and trying new food.

My friend has children my age, she is about the same age as my mother, who passed away in 2009 right before Xoe was born.  My dad died in 1998, so I felt a little like an orphan and my friend offered to be my second mom.  I really appreciate the way she has welcomed both me and Xoe into her life, and I feel honored to be her friend.


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