07/18/2013 Picky. Picky, Picky, The VA Clinic, and What Happened to My Keys?

I am sitting here, first thing in the morning drinking grandpa’s coffee. Ewww, it’s Keurig so it’s better than normal brewed coffee, but ewww. I like my coffee, it’s rich and bold, and wakes me up. His coffee tastes like I used the grounds twice then made coffee. My friend sent me some money to go to San Francisco to see her and her great-granddaughter, I just hope I have enough left over to buy some Sumatran coffee. Sumatran and Newman’s Own are the only two coffees I like.  I’ll drink other coffee, but I always feel like I am suffering, haha.

Speaking of suffering, yesterday I had a rough day.  I drove to the VA Clinic and was getting on and off the interstate, got on I80, went to I580 and I980, I almost hit a parked car, the lane was clear and when I was just about there, he drove onto the interstate and just stopped.  I had to swerve into my neighbor’s lane and made them swerve.  It was scary.  It didn’t help at all with my fear of interstates. And don’t even get me started on the pedestrians, I almost hit one.  Pedestrians are everywhere out here and they just step off the sidewalk without looking and assume that I stop.

While we were at the VA clinic just after I parked in the parking lot, Xoe tells me her stomach hurts and proceeds to projectile vomit all over the back seat of my car, she threw up at least 4 times, after drinking a lot of milk, and now my car smells like cheesy vomit.  I just let the car air out yesterday because the smell was so bad, I couldn’t go clean it.  We made it into the VA hospital and I go to the bathroom to wash the vomit off my arms (she puked on my arms as I was trying to wipe up some vomit) and Xoe tells me she has to tinkle as she starts wetting herself.  I guess she just wasn’t feeling good but wish she would have said something to me. As this point, she is covered in vomit and tinkle, I am covered in vomit and tinkle too because she wanted to sit on my lap at the VA.

Anyway, we made it through my VA visit and drive home, this is where I almost hit a pedestrian.  She just came out of nowhere and bounced right in front of the car without looking to see if I was going to be able to stop in time which I did.  I swear people must think crosswalks are painted with magic paint that will protect them if a car doesn’t see them.

So I get home and have already wiped up most of the vomit, the rest I saved for today, yehaw I still get to go clean that out. So I walk in the house all frazzled from my trip to the VA and set my keys down somewhere, can’t find them anywhere.  I’ve looked in places I know I didn’t put them, have asked everyone in the house if they have seen them, no one has, and I have searched through all of the drawers in my room.  I looked for hours last nigh, found my spare keys, found my spare gas key, and had no idea where I could have put my keys.  This morning I found them in Xoe’s underwear drawer.  Don’t ask me why they were there, I didn’t put them there.


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