07/19/2013 No Internet All Day!

Today, the internet was out all morning and afternoon. Nana and grandpa were gone so there was no way of turning it back on as I would have to go into their bedroom to fix the internet, and I would feel weird doing that while they weren’t home, plus I am pretty sure they don’t want me in their bedroom while they are gone.

Without the internet there was a lot of free time, I used my new found time to straighten up my file box. I put all of the old files in the “Old Files” file box, and filed away some papers that needed to be filed. I did the dishes, took a shower, went to the store, and took Xoe to McDonald’s, I read eBay for Dummies and took a nap (it’s that kind of book), and I still had several hours to kill.

Being offline is the pits. I feel so out of touch when I am not online. I couldn’t check my bank balance and credit card balances, couldn’t talk to the old power company about my final power bill which is about $140.00 higher than it should be, I couldn’t talk to Charter and tell them I am sending back the TV box and modem that I brought with me to California and that they are charging me $449.00 for, I couldn’t contact Dell about a USB drive they gave me and now want back, I couldn’t check on my prescriptions that were mailed out to the old house on the 12th, I couldn’t get on Facebook, and I couldn’t play online Bingo or chat with friends. It seemed like all of a sudden, I needed to be online. I don’t know what I would do if this were a permanent situation.

The day wasn’t a total bust, I did get to spend some quality time with Xoe, I read her a book, gave her a bath, played hide and seek, and laid on the bed with her and watched TV. The time I got to spend with Xoe was great, I enjoyed our day together.

I also worked on my budget, which was enlightening, lol. There are a few bills this month that aren’t getting paid because of how much I spent on the trip out here. I’ll catch up on all of those bills in August, and by September, I should be back on track.

It’s too late for me to do business with the power and cable company, I’ll have to do that tomorrow. The time zone change is taking a while to get used to. North Carolina is three hours ahead of California. It’s almost 5 pm here and I could still call locally and get something done, but it’s almost 8pm in North Carolina where the power and cable company are located, so they are closed.

It was well after 4pm before the internet was hooked back up. Grandpa finally came home and was able to turn the internet back on. I feel so much better, and now it’s time to blog about not having internet.


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