07/19/2013 I Took the Wrong Pills This Morning

I took the wrong pills this morning, I took the ones I am supposed to take at night to help me sleep.  I slept all day instead, Nana stepped up and watched Xoe all day for me, which was nice.  As soon as I see her I will apologize to her about sleeping all day long.  Nana works from home and probably didn’t get anything done today so I feel pretty bad about that.  I don’t want her to feel like I am taking advantage of her.

Today, I washed the puke out of the car, brought in the car seat in and washed it too.  I put it in the shower after I pulled off the cover and then threw it in the washing machine.  Now the car seat smells fresh and clean, and so does the car.

Now, I am going to the store and buying some decent coffee, and I am going to fill up the car so that I will have enough gas to go see Noelene next weekend.  I thought we were supposed to meet this weekend, but her great granddaughter’s Samoan family have her this weekend, so we will meet next weekend..

Well, I got to get running, time flies when you sleep all day, lol


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