07/19/2013 Crap, It’s Friday!

I forgot to drive back to the Oakland VA Clinic today to get my prescriptions for my muscle relaxers refilled, the ones for my back pain.  I am going to be hurting this weekend, luckily I have a bunch of aspirin, I hope the aspirin works.

The drive out to Oakland CA is awful, my GPS sounds confused as it leads me from one interstate to another, saying keep right, now keep left, now keep right, take the off ramp, now take the on ramp. It’s hard to keep up with the lane changes around Oakland. I take I80, I580, and I980 to get to the VA clinic.  Yep, I need one of my anti-stress pills for that drive.

Speaking of my anti-stress pills, those are due to be mailed out tomorrow, to my Asheville address.  I’ll run out of those this month, maybe I can pick some of them up at the VA clinic when I go.  Transferring from the Asheville NC VA Clinic to the Oakland California VA clinic has been a hassle.  I don’t remember it being such a pain in the ass when I moved from Pensacola Florida to Boone North Carolina. Oh well, what can you do?

I guess I will drive there early Monday morning to get my 14 day supply of those 2 medications.  I can only get a 14 day supply of any medication while I wait to be signed into the Oakland VA system.  My 1st appointment is 2 weeks away, so I’ll be cutting it close.  I also get therapy through the VA which is a whole other place to go to.  That’s going to be another challenge to face.


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