07/21/2013 A Day With Xoe At The Hilltop Mall

Today, I took Xoe to the Hilltop Mall, it’s an average sized Mall with a carousel about midway through the mall.  I took Xoe to the mall so she could ride the horses on the carousel, and to see the Piercing Pagoda where I am taking her to get her ears pierced on the 1st when I get paid.

Xoe loves the carosel but she is still slightly afraid of the way the horses go up and down.  I took some pictures of Xoe on the carousel, the first one shows a little bit of the fear on her face, note how tightly she is clutching the bar that holds the horse up. Image The second photo is a better shot of Xoe on the horse she picked out to ride.  By the time I took the second photo she felt more comfortable on the horse and wasn’t scared anymore.ImageAfter the carousel ride we went to lunch at QQ Express where we ate lo mien, Mongolian chicken, sesame chicken and fried rice.  Xoe loved it all even the Mongolian chicken which was hot and spicy.Image


After lunch we went to the Piercing Pagoda where I am taking Xoe to get her ears pierced.  She picked out a very cute solitaire diamond set of earrings that had a nice sparkle to them but wasn’t too flashy.  I think she wanted this kind of earring because her grandpa has the same kind of solitaire diamond earring.

We had a great time at the mall, we walked around and I took a lot of pictures. I posted all of the pictures on my Facebook page. I enjoy our girl’s out dates, and am so lucky that I am able to do these things with Xoe.  As her grandmother, I value every minute I get to spend with her, as her mother I also value every minute with her but I also realize that I am older than the average mom and am very lucky to be fit and able to get around, even though I have not been living a healthy lifestyle.  I am overweight and out of shape, and that’s about to change.

Since I have moved to California I have been going on walks almost every day with Nana, grandpa, Xoe, and the dogs.  I am trying to become more fit, eat better, and exercise more so that I can be around longer and healthier than if I had just kept going on the way I was.  Ok, that Chinese food probably wasn’t the healthiest choice for lunch, but you have got to splurge every once in a while, lol.

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