07/23/2103 Getting Ready for Swim Lessons, The Dogs, Losing Weight, and a Little Good Luck

This afternoon I am taking Xoe to her first swim lessons at Richmond’s The Plunge, also known as the Natatorium.  It’s a swim complex located in the Point Richmond area.  Xoe is looking forward to being able to swim without her swim vest.  I will try to get some pictures of Xoe at The Plunge but I won’t be able to get pictures of her during her swim lessons because I will be in the water with her and our camera is not waterproof.  If grandpa and Nana come to some of her swim lessons they can take some photos to post.

Speaking of them posting photos, this is a photo of Xoe asleep on the bed with the dogs.  ImageThe dogs and Xoe were all a little wary of each other when they first me, but now they get along very well, and are comfortable together.  The dogs have welcomed Xoe into their pack, and Xoe has taken to giving the dogs orders, like sit and stay.  She even gives the dogs treats on their walks around the block.

Speaking of walking around the block, I have finally been able to make the walk without feeling like I am going to die of exhaustion, lol.  I am getting into better shape by walking and climbing the stairs at the house. My muscles have stopped aching, and I am kind of enjoying the walks now.  I have never been one who has enjoyed exercise.  I feel like I have lost about 5-10 pounds but haven’t weighed myself so I am not sure how much weight it is.

Xoe enjoys the walks around the block, we keep a pretty good pace so for Xoe they are really runs around the block and she has to run to keep up with the dogs.  I wish I had half the energy Xoe has, she is running from the time she gets up till the time she goes to sleep.

I am looking forward to the swim lessons today, one thing I am dreading, and I always dread is getting into that cold pool.  On the trip out here it was one cold pool after another at the different hotels we stayed in.  When I lived in Asheville my gym had a heated pool, not that I miss the gym or anything, but I miss that warmish pool.

Xoe and I just got back from the store, where I was wondering if I should be spending so much on coffee considering it is eight days till payday.  At the checkout, I look down and on the floor next to the candy rack I saw a $20 bill just sitting there on the floor.  Yep, I picked it up and used it to pay for the groceries.  That find has made my day.

We are getting ready to go to Xoe’s swim lesson, I will post more when we get home.

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