07/23/2013 Xoe’s Swim Lesson #1

Xoe’s first swim lesson went great, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, and I didn’t have to get into the water.  I thought the classes would be where the instructor taught the parents how to teach the kids to swim, but I was wrong.  The instructor taught the children how to swim.  I was the only parent who showed up in a bathing suit ready to get into the water.

There were three children in the class, Xoe was the first to arrive and the youngest.  I thought Xoe was the most enthusiastic student, while the instructor was busy teaching another child, Xoe would practice what she was just taught.  The children were taught one on one by the instructor.  Xoe did everything he asked, and she participated well in the class.

She even made a new friend, a nice little boy.  They played and practiced their new swim moves while the instructor was teaching the third child how to swim.

VIDEO Xoe’s friend helps with Xoe’s goggles, & Xoe’s 1st swim

VIDEO Xoe and her friend playing between their turns at lessons

The pool is huge and it has a shallow side for small children, that’s where Xoe’s swim lessons were.


This is a picture of Xoe waiting for her lessons to start


This is a picture of Xoe meeting her instructor


Xoe was the first child to show up for her swim lessons. This is Xoe’s instructor showing her how to go under water.


VIDEO Xoe Learning How to go Underwater

VIDEO More of Xoe Learning to Go Under Water

Xoe’s swim instructor taught Xoe how to swim with a kick board.  This is a picture of Xoe swimming with her kick board and her instructor.

100_5308   100_5309

Xoe swam with the kick board half way across the pool and back.

VIDEO Xoe learning how to kick her feet and use the kick board


The first lesson was essentially to get the children used to and comfortable with the water.  Xoe had a great time, and loved the water.  The water was pretty cold, what you can’t see in the pictures and video is Xoe shivering.  Xoe didn’t mind the cold water, she was having too much fun learning to swim to care about the cold.

VIDEO Xoe Throwing a Toy Then Going After It

I am so impressed with the swim lessons at The Plunge that I am going to enroll Xoe into all of the classes for swimming as they become available for her age group.  If she continues to progress like she did today she will be swimming in no time and I won’t have to worry about her not being able to swim.


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