07/24/2013 Xoe’s Swim Lesson #2

Today, is day 2 of Xoe’s swim lessons, and I must say she did very well, when she was paying attention.  We arrived for the swim lessons a little early again today and it was all I could do to keep Xoe out of the water until it was her turn.  She was misbehaving though.  I didn’t get many pictures because I was almost constantly having to tell her to pay attention, stop jumping, stop running, and stay in the shallow end, during class.

100_5327  Xoe Going Into Lesson #2

100_5330  Xoe Goofing Off In Class

Xoe has been excited about going to her swim lesson, it was all she talked about all day.  We left a little early again today because she was so excited to go.  We got to watch the children in the classes before her’s and Xoe clapped and applauded the children on their swimming.  When it came time for her swim lessons she paid more attention to her friend than she did the instructor.

100_5331 Xoe Learning How to Kick

100_5334 Xoe Learning How to Swim on a Kick Board

100_5335 Xoe Playing

I had to be “that parent”, the one yelling from the sidelines, It was awful. I did more correcting her today than I thought I would have to.  She didn’t listen to her instructor when he told her to stay by the wall while he was teaching the other kids.  She and her friend kept jumping into the pool even after the instructor asked them about 5 times to stop.  Her little friend even said, “he told us not to jump, but I don’t care” and of course his mom was nowhere to be found, she just dropped him off.

I am disappointed in Xoe’s behavior today, that being said, she still did well when she was paying attention, which was about half the time she was there. The following is some video of Xoe learning how to swim:

VIDEO Xoe Learning How to Float

VIDEO Xoe Learning How to Float on Her Tummy

VIDEO Xoe Learning How to Use The Kick Board

I am looking forward to Friday’s class and hope it goes better than today.

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