08/4/2013 Xoe’s Birthday Presents, Preschool, and Trying to Get Out of A Contract

On the 1st I ordered some toys online for Xoe’s birthday, I know some of them will arrive on time and some of them won’t.  I got her a tricycle, a baby carriage for her dolls, a tea set, and a backpack and lunch box for when she starts school.

She won’t be starting preschool until after the 13th of September because that’s the earliest appointment the school has for new enrollments.  It seems like a long time to have to wait, but there are some things I need to have for Xoe, like shots, and a physical exam, and birth certificate and some other things, and the wait will give me a chance to get everything done so that I am prepared for the appointment on the 13th,

The school requires proof f residency, so I have to take them a utility bill for the house.  Speaking of proof of residency, I am trying to get out of my contract at the gym and they require proof of residency too.  I sent them 3 different letters from the VA showing my new address in CA.  They want a copy of my lease, a letter from my employer, or a copy of my utility bill as proof I have moved.  I don’t have any of that because I am staying with relatives and am not working, I am on disability.  I hope they accept the letters as proof of my moving to CA because other than that I am not sure what I could give them.

I do miss my gym though, they had a nice heated pool, a nice hot tub, and great showers.  I used to go to the gym and just sit in the hot tub and take a nice hot shower.  Sitting in the hot tub helped my hot flashes.  The pool here has open showers and no lockers for my stuff and I like my privacy when I am taking a shower.   The house I am staying at has a really nice shower and hot tub so I have everything my gym had, just in different places.  I just wish the pool had better showers.

Speaking of showers, that’s where I am headed right now.


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