08/07/2013 Signing Xoe Up for the Little Einstein Program, Signing Xoe Up for Swim Class, Buying Party Supplies, and Waiting for the Washing Machine Repairman

I went to the Recreation Center here in Richmond and got Xoe enrolled into the Little Einstein program. They have arts and crafts and story time. There was another class I could have gotten her into that teaches letters and numbers and goes on field trips, but to be honest  I don’t think field trips are a good idea for Xoe right now because she wanders and I have to keep a close eye on her and I am not sure the workers at the rec center could watch her as closely as she needs to be watched.

There is also another class beginning for swimming next week.  I am going by the rec center to get her enrolled into that class.  I hope there is still space available for her.  I will find out and update this post when I do.

Today, we are going to Target to get Xoe’s birthday supplies, I am buying a helium tank and some balloons and it makes 30 balloons so we should have fun with that.  Xoe’s birthday party is on Saturday and we haven’t decided where it will be yet.  It’s either the park, or the neighbor across the street’s house only the neighbor hasn’t gotten back with me yet about that.  I plan on taking lots of pictures.

I am waiting on the washing machine repairman to come and fix the washer, I have been waiting since 8am and still no sign of him.  He’s supposed to be here somewhere between 8am and 2pm, come on 2pm I want to go shopping for Xoe’s party stuff, and I need to sign Xoe up for the next swim session before all the slots are taken.


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