Wow, it’s been a long time since my last post

So many things have happened since November 2013, Xoe graduated from Kindergarten, she’s in the 1st grade now.  She has grown so much, I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow.

We moved to a different apartment in Richmond, we are doing well here, but it’s not the best neighborhood.

I started college, then I just got too busy with school work I wasn’t able to do anything I wanted to do, so I decided to stop taking classes and resume and finish next year, or the year after.  There’s no great rush for me to finish, I have 5 classes left to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree.

Xoe is 6 now, she’s at a great age, I can have a real conversation with her, but she still has a bit of a baby voice, she is so sweet, too.  She tells me she loves me every day, and gives me a big kiss.  I am so lucky to have her in my life.

Xoe is having a tea party now for her stuffed animals, it’s 8pm and it’s been a long day.  She had friends over and they played for hours.

Well, I’ll make this post short, and start posting again on a regular basis now that I have more free time.


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