I am Xoe’s Richardson’s maternal grandmother, and now I am her mother too. In September 2012, I adopted Xoe. I have had Xoe since she was 2 days old, and I have been posting updates about her, and our life, on Facebook.

I wanted a way to document and share day-to-day life with Xoe, so I started a blog called Life with Xoe Richardson.

Currently, I live with Xoe, my ex-husband and his wife in Point Richmond, California. Xoe was born in North Carolina and spent her first three years in Boone and Asheville, North Carolina.

The photo of Xoe, to the right of this page shows Xoe playing, she was running around in circles as we were waiting for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.  There are three shadows there, Grandpa, me, and Nana, I took the picture like that on purpose.  I wanted to tell a story within the picture, one that would tell Xoe she has three grandparents she can always count on, three people who will stand by her side and be there no matter what.


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