07/17/2013 Registering Xoe for Swim Lessons

Registering Xoe for swim lessons went fairly well today. I drove to the Richmond, CA Recreation Center and they just have parallel parking.  I can’t parallel park but I gave it a whirl and did it.  The parking spot was huge so I am sure that’s why I made it into the space.  Here is a picture of my first attempt at parallel parking.  1374086541427  There was a lot of space there for me to use, lol.

Anyway, I got to the rec center and signed up and paid for Xoe’s swim lessons.  They cost $77, but are worth it when you consider how much Xoe likes to swim..  We got the last available slot so it’s a good thing I went in today early.

Xoe’s swim lessons start July 22,2103 and end on August 13, 2013, so it’s going to be about 3 weeks of lessons. The lessons will take place at the Richmond Plunge, and start at 4:10pm and end at 4:40pm.

I will come back and post some pictures of the pool and Xoe in her swimsuit. Nana got her a really cute swimsuit, that Nana’s mom picked out for Xoe.  I thought that was so nice of them to do.