11/15/2013 I am going to a University to Earn My Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies, then off to Law School

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I just started back in college and I have been super busy.

It’s week 2 of my classes and I am doing well. I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the younger students but I am holdng my own, as a mater of fact, the last two tests I have taken I have made 100% on both of them.

I am pretty proud of myself for going back and earning my Bachelors and doing well at it.

My ultimate goal is to be an attorney, that’s a long term goal and it’s going to be a hard road ahead but I think I can do it.

Well, I am going back to my studies, I will start posting soon. I just need to get back into the swing of things and get a good schedule going so that I have time to post.

Me and Xoe have been going to 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom a lot, we love it there and have season passes, so it’s really affordable.


08/07/2013 Signing Xoe Up for the Little Einstein Program, Signing Xoe Up for Swim Class, Buying Party Supplies, and Waiting for the Washing Machine Repairman

I went to the Recreation Center here in Richmond and got Xoe enrolled into the Little Einstein program. They have arts and crafts and story time. There was another class I could have gotten her into that teaches letters and numbers and goes on field trips, but to be honest  I don’t think field trips are a good idea for Xoe right now because she wanders and I have to keep a close eye on her and I am not sure the workers at the rec center could watch her as closely as she needs to be watched.

There is also another class beginning for swimming next week.  I am going by the rec center to get her enrolled into that class.  I hope there is still space available for her.  I will find out and update this post when I do.

Today, we are going to Target to get Xoe’s birthday supplies, I am buying a helium tank and some balloons and it makes 30 balloons so we should have fun with that.  Xoe’s birthday party is on Saturday and we haven’t decided where it will be yet.  It’s either the park, or the neighbor across the street’s house only the neighbor hasn’t gotten back with me yet about that.  I plan on taking lots of pictures.

I am waiting on the washing machine repairman to come and fix the washer, I have been waiting since 8am and still no sign of him.  He’s supposed to be here somewhere between 8am and 2pm, come on 2pm I want to go shopping for Xoe’s party stuff, and I need to sign Xoe up for the next swim session before all the slots are taken.


08/4/2013 Xoe’s Birthday Presents, Preschool, and Trying to Get Out of A Contract

On the 1st I ordered some toys online for Xoe’s birthday, I know some of them will arrive on time and some of them won’t.  I got her a tricycle, a baby carriage for her dolls, a tea set, and a backpack and lunch box for when she starts school.

She won’t be starting preschool until after the 13th of September because that’s the earliest appointment the school has for new enrollments.  It seems like a long time to have to wait, but there are some things I need to have for Xoe, like shots, and a physical exam, and birth certificate and some other things, and the wait will give me a chance to get everything done so that I am prepared for the appointment on the 13th,

The school requires proof f residency, so I have to take them a utility bill for the house.  Speaking of proof of residency, I am trying to get out of my contract at the gym and they require proof of residency too.  I sent them 3 different letters from the VA showing my new address in CA.  They want a copy of my lease, a letter from my employer, or a copy of my utility bill as proof I have moved.  I don’t have any of that because I am staying with relatives and am not working, I am on disability.  I hope they accept the letters as proof of my moving to CA because other than that I am not sure what I could give them.

I do miss my gym though, they had a nice heated pool, a nice hot tub, and great showers.  I used to go to the gym and just sit in the hot tub and take a nice hot shower.  Sitting in the hot tub helped my hot flashes.  The pool here has open showers and no lockers for my stuff and I like my privacy when I am taking a shower.   The house I am staying at has a really nice shower and hot tub so I have everything my gym had, just in different places.  I just wish the pool had better showers.

Speaking of showers, that’s where I am headed right now.


07/25/2013 The UPS Store, Ice Cream, Traffic, and the VA

Today, I took Xoe to the UPS Store to mail in the computer she broke. I have insurance that covers drops, spills, and accidental damage so it’s covered. I am so glad I got that insurance, it cost an additional $149.00 but is really worth it when you have kids in the house.

The computer repair has a 5 day guaranteed turnaround, if they can’t fix it they will send me a check for what I paid for the computer. I hope they can fix it as I have all my pictures on that computer, well not all of them but a large amount of them. I need to start saving my pictures on disc.

At the UPS Store Xoe insisted on carrying in the package, the guy at the counter said she was so strong because the package was heavy. He was so impressed he gave her a coloring sheet and a crayon. People out here really seem to like little kids.

After we went to the USP Store we got some ice cream from the store next door. They had all kinds of flavors and Xoe chose the pink one which was strawberry. She left some in the bowl and I ate it, it was so good, tasted like fresh strawberries and cream.

The girl across the street has invited Xoe over to play today. Her mom texted Nana, and Nana passed the message on to me. Me and the mom across the street really should exchange numbers, lol. I am waiting on a text from Nana to let me know when to take Xoe over to play.

I had to take the interstate over to the UPS store, I am getting used to cars weaving in and out of traffic and using the on ramps. I don’t think I will ever feel comfortable driving here but time will tell.

I am almost out of my stress pills, and am waiting for them to come in the mail. The trip to the Oakland VA clinic was so insanely crazy with the 3 interstates and going off and on then weaving in and out of traffic that I didn’t go get a refill today. I really dread the trip over there, I have an appointment on the 31st so I think I can handle things till then, lol.

Well, I have to go get Xoe ready for her playdate. I know she is looking forward to it because we haven’t gotten out much here because I am pretty much broke till payday. I am saving money for gas so I can go see my friend in San Francisco/the City this weekend. I am really looking forward to going into the city, and I am kind of nervous about it too.


07/19/2013 I Took the Wrong Pills This Morning

I took the wrong pills this morning, I took the ones I am supposed to take at night to help me sleep.  I slept all day instead, Nana stepped up and watched Xoe all day for me, which was nice.  As soon as I see her I will apologize to her about sleeping all day long.  Nana works from home and probably didn’t get anything done today so I feel pretty bad about that.  I don’t want her to feel like I am taking advantage of her.

Today, I washed the puke out of the car, brought in the car seat in and washed it too.  I put it in the shower after I pulled off the cover and then threw it in the washing machine.  Now the car seat smells fresh and clean, and so does the car.

Now, I am going to the store and buying some decent coffee, and I am going to fill up the car so that I will have enough gas to go see Noelene next weekend.  I thought we were supposed to meet this weekend, but her great granddaughter’s Samoan family have her this weekend, so we will meet next weekend..

Well, I got to get running, time flies when you sleep all day, lol


07/18/2013 Picky. Picky, Picky, The VA Clinic, and What Happened to My Keys?

I am sitting here, first thing in the morning drinking grandpa’s coffee. Ewww, it’s Keurig so it’s better than normal brewed coffee, but ewww. I like my coffee, it’s rich and bold, and wakes me up. His coffee tastes like I used the grounds twice then made coffee. My friend sent me some money to go to San Francisco to see her and her great-granddaughter, I just hope I have enough left over to buy some Sumatran coffee. Sumatran and Newman’s Own are the only two coffees I like.  I’ll drink other coffee, but I always feel like I am suffering, haha.

Speaking of suffering, yesterday I had a rough day.  I drove to the VA Clinic and was getting on and off the interstate, got on I80, went to I580 and I980, I almost hit a parked car, the lane was clear and when I was just about there, he drove onto the interstate and just stopped.  I had to swerve into my neighbor’s lane and made them swerve.  It was scary.  It didn’t help at all with my fear of interstates. And don’t even get me started on the pedestrians, I almost hit one.  Pedestrians are everywhere out here and they just step off the sidewalk without looking and assume that I stop.

While we were at the VA clinic just after I parked in the parking lot, Xoe tells me her stomach hurts and proceeds to projectile vomit all over the back seat of my car, she threw up at least 4 times, after drinking a lot of milk, and now my car smells like cheesy vomit.  I just let the car air out yesterday because the smell was so bad, I couldn’t go clean it.  We made it into the VA hospital and I go to the bathroom to wash the vomit off my arms (she puked on my arms as I was trying to wipe up some vomit) and Xoe tells me she has to tinkle as she starts wetting herself.  I guess she just wasn’t feeling good but wish she would have said something to me. As this point, she is covered in vomit and tinkle, I am covered in vomit and tinkle too because she wanted to sit on my lap at the VA.

Anyway, we made it through my VA visit and drive home, this is where I almost hit a pedestrian.  She just came out of nowhere and bounced right in front of the car without looking to see if I was going to be able to stop in time which I did.  I swear people must think crosswalks are painted with magic paint that will protect them if a car doesn’t see them.

So I get home and have already wiped up most of the vomit, the rest I saved for today, yehaw I still get to go clean that out. So I walk in the house all frazzled from my trip to the VA and set my keys down somewhere, can’t find them anywhere.  I’ve looked in places I know I didn’t put them, have asked everyone in the house if they have seen them, no one has, and I have searched through all of the drawers in my room.  I looked for hours last nigh, found my spare keys, found my spare gas key, and had no idea where I could have put my keys.  This morning I found them in Xoe’s underwear drawer.  Don’t ask me why they were there, I didn’t put them there.


07/16/2013 Books, Shoes, a Lost Phone and a Lazy Day

Yesterday, one of the neighbors across the street brought Xoe about 9 children’s books to read, the ones like Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham, the short story books.  They dropped them off at the front door and when me Nana and Xoe went to walk the dogs we found them.  I thought letting us read these books was so nice of the neighbors.  Nana has already read all of the books to Xoe, grandpa mentioned that to the neighbor and she said she has a lot more books. 🙂

Xoe and I went on a short walk today and she was wearing her yellow shoes.  Be it California or North Carolina, It seems that no matter where we go, people always stop Xoe to tell her how much they like her shoes.  These shoes are bright yellow, with big yellow bows on them.  Xoe loves those shoes and I think it has a lot to do with people commenting on how cute they are.  They are pretty cute, especially when Xoe is wearing all yellow.


Tonight we are having a lazy night, me and Xoe are in our pajamas at 6pm and are watching TV and surfing the internet.  Grandpa and Nana are out on a date, and me and Xoe have the house to ourselves.  I am having such a lazy night, I’m not even wearing a bra.  Tonight we are eating a Tombstone extra cheese pizza, yeah, I am not cooking either, lol.

I’ve managed to lose my telephone, I have no idea where I put it, and I can’t call it to hunt it down because the battery is dead by now.  That’s ok though because I am feeling too lazy to talk on the phone.  Although, I would like to find it so that I can call my friend Noelene.