10/14/2013 Xoe and I Went to 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, CA

Yesterday we were sitting here wondering what to do because I was kind of short on cash and I really had no ideas.  We decided to surf the net and found that there is a Theme Park, 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom that is just about 30 minutes away from Richmond CA, in Vallejo, CA.  They have tickets that you can pay for by the month for about $9 plus we bought meal cards to where we could eat lunch and dinner at the park for about the same price, it was a bargain.  We only spent $3 at the park and that was for a drink refill.  I thought they would be open today but it’s a holiday and they are closed.  

Here is a picture of Xoe waiting for the bus to get into the park.  Image


And these are pictures of Xoe with some of the characters  





We had a great day!




It’s a sad day at preschool today.  I haven’t updated the blog in a while so for those of you who haven’t heard, I have enrolled Xoe into the Booker T Anderson Community Center preschool program called, Little Einstein.  This is a picture of Xoe walking into her first day of preschool, and her preschool.  Image  Image

Anyway, the school has stopped accepting 3 year olds, so Xoe is going to lose 2 classmates.  The preschool is also going to start closing at 1:30 which means it is one half hour less each day.

Xoe was sad, the mother’s were sad, the children who were under 3 were sad, and even the teacher was sad to see the changes.

It’s a terrific program, runs from 11am-1:30pm and every day the kids learn something new and exciting, and really enjoy going to class.  The class size is 5 children, so they each get a lot of individual attention.  They are working on their letters, numbers, colors, and shapes.  They have an exercise class each day, and I would recommend this program highly to anyone with small children.


08/24/2013 Rearranging my File Box, IHOP, and Swimming

I haven’t posted in a few days, I have been pretty busy doing things like clearing out my file box and other little chores that I have been putting off for years.  I decided to replace my file boxes because they broke in transit out here.  The USPS broke a lot of my stuff and tore up moving boxes when I moved out here.  Here is an example of what happened to the 14 boxes I mailed out here, and of the 14 boxes 9 were like this.  Image

I didn’t get an apology,  because the boxes were uninsured there was little I could do.

Anyway, I bought notebooks and plastic sheet protectors to hold my important papers and keep them clean.  The notebooks have zippers on them, a handle to carry them and a shoulder strap if needed.  I love these notebooks as file boxes.  My papers are very easy to find and file.   Image Image  They are called Case It File Folders and the website to buy is either at Target where I got mine, or the Case It website at http://www.caseit.com

While we were at Target Xoe played in the Target circle outside Target. Image  Xoe loves to play on the big red balls and the circle sculpture at Target.

After Target and rearranging my file box, we went to lunch at IHOP with Xoe’s doll Jack.  Yep, she named her baby girl Jack.  We went to the IHOP on San Pablo Road, in El Cerrito, CA, the food there is fantastic.  Xoe always orders the French Toast and Sausage, and I have been ordering the Country Fried Steak and Eggs.  Here are a couple of pictures of Xoe and Jack while we were waiting on the food.




After Lunch Xoe had a swim lesson, her second to last swim lesson.  She is swimming much better than when she started the class.  This is a picture of Xoe practicing her kicking at the wall of the pool.  Image


08/11/2113 Xoe’s 4th Birthday Party

Yesterday was Xoe’s fourth birthday and we had a party for her at Miller Knox Park, in Richmond, California.  We kept the party small, there were only three girls invited, and one couldn’t make it.

Xoe and the girl across the street, one of the girls who was invited to the party, made cupcakes for the party.  The Theme was Butterflies and the colors were mainly pink.Image

Here is a video of Xoe blowing out the candles.

VIDEO Xoe Blowing Out The Candles  *Note* If you want to see the video of Xoe blowing out the candles, or any other video on this blog you have to be my Facebook friend.  See the About Me section to the right, last paragraph, on how to become a Facebook friend.

After we ate cake, it was time for Xoe to open her presents

VIDEO Xoe Opening Her Presents

Xoe gave each of her guests gift bags to take home.  The gift bags were filled with all kinds of goodies; a coloring book, crayons, paints, color wonder kits, a slinky, a Tiara, a whistle, a microphone, note pads, lip gloss, a puzzle, a lighted magic wand, and some other fun stuff that little girls like.  Each gift bag had 8 balloons attached to it.


We had a butterfly Pinata, and I took lots of videos, this is a picture taken by Nana with me shooting video of Xoe opening her presents. I am the one wearing green.  1011230_10152162545779896_639919761_n

Here is some vidoe of the girls hitting the pinata, in this video the pinata has not broken yet.

VIDEO  Hitting the Pinata

In this video of of the children’s parent’s finally cracks the pinata, lol.  It was just too well made for the kids to break on their own.

VIDEO Breaking the Pinata

All in all, it was a great little birthday party, Xoe enjoyed herself and so did her guests.  We had cheese and crackers as a snack, and Nana made that platter, and the cheeses were so good.  Xoe has been talking about her birthday party all day today and she already is looking forward to her 5th birthday party.


08/07/2013 Signing Xoe Up for the Little Einstein Program, Signing Xoe Up for Swim Class, Buying Party Supplies, and Waiting for the Washing Machine Repairman

I went to the Recreation Center here in Richmond and got Xoe enrolled into the Little Einstein program. They have arts and crafts and story time. There was another class I could have gotten her into that teaches letters and numbers and goes on field trips, but to be honest  I don’t think field trips are a good idea for Xoe right now because she wanders and I have to keep a close eye on her and I am not sure the workers at the rec center could watch her as closely as she needs to be watched.

There is also another class beginning for swimming next week.  I am going by the rec center to get her enrolled into that class.  I hope there is still space available for her.  I will find out and update this post when I do.

Today, we are going to Target to get Xoe’s birthday supplies, I am buying a helium tank and some balloons and it makes 30 balloons so we should have fun with that.  Xoe’s birthday party is on Saturday and we haven’t decided where it will be yet.  It’s either the park, or the neighbor across the street’s house only the neighbor hasn’t gotten back with me yet about that.  I plan on taking lots of pictures.

I am waiting on the washing machine repairman to come and fix the washer, I have been waiting since 8am and still no sign of him.  He’s supposed to be here somewhere between 8am and 2pm, come on 2pm I want to go shopping for Xoe’s party stuff, and I need to sign Xoe up for the next swim session before all the slots are taken.


08/4/2013 Xoe’s Birthday Presents, Preschool, and Trying to Get Out of A Contract

On the 1st I ordered some toys online for Xoe’s birthday, I know some of them will arrive on time and some of them won’t.  I got her a tricycle, a baby carriage for her dolls, a tea set, and a backpack and lunch box for when she starts school.

She won’t be starting preschool until after the 13th of September because that’s the earliest appointment the school has for new enrollments.  It seems like a long time to have to wait, but there are some things I need to have for Xoe, like shots, and a physical exam, and birth certificate and some other things, and the wait will give me a chance to get everything done so that I am prepared for the appointment on the 13th,

The school requires proof f residency, so I have to take them a utility bill for the house.  Speaking of proof of residency, I am trying to get out of my contract at the gym and they require proof of residency too.  I sent them 3 different letters from the VA showing my new address in CA.  They want a copy of my lease, a letter from my employer, or a copy of my utility bill as proof I have moved.  I don’t have any of that because I am staying with relatives and am not working, I am on disability.  I hope they accept the letters as proof of my moving to CA because other than that I am not sure what I could give them.

I do miss my gym though, they had a nice heated pool, a nice hot tub, and great showers.  I used to go to the gym and just sit in the hot tub and take a nice hot shower.  Sitting in the hot tub helped my hot flashes.  The pool here has open showers and no lockers for my stuff and I like my privacy when I am taking a shower.   The house I am staying at has a really nice shower and hot tub so I have everything my gym had, just in different places.  I just wish the pool had better showers.

Speaking of showers, that’s where I am headed right now.


08/03/2013 Xoe’s First Diploma

Yesterday, was Xoe’s last swimming lesson.  She was awarded her first diploma after swim class.  She can’t quite swim on her own yet, but she made great progress.  This class was intended to make her more comfortable in the water, and to teach her the basics of swimming, kicking, and floating.Image

Xoe loves the water, I have taken her to the pool since she was about 6 months old, she has always loved the pool, and before the pool, it was the tub.


The swimming pool here is the perfect pool to teach young children, how to swim.  It starts off at about 2′ 3″, and slowly tapers up to about 3′ and after that it gets deeper up to about 8-10′ deep.  The pools stays shallow for a good distance too, the younger kids get about 20 feet of pool to swim in, so they have plenty of space.

I am excited about Xoe’s first diploma, and hope to see many more.